El ciudadano (es un) historiador

15m Madrid 2011Manifestación en Madrid (mayo de 2011)

«[T]o expand the idea of historical production well beyond the limits of academic writing-history, we must include all the ways in which a sense of the past is constructed in our society. These do not necessarily take a written or literary form. Still less do they conform to academic standards of scholarship or canons of truthfulness. Academic history has a particular place in a much larger process. We will call this “the social construction of the past”. In this collective production everyone participates, though unequally. In this sense, everyone is a historian (…) What are the means by which social memory is produced? And what practices are relevant especially those outside those of professional history-writing?»

Popular Memory Group, “Popular Memory: Theory, Politics, Method”, en Robert Perks y Alistair Thompson (eds.), Oral History Reader, New York, Routledge, 1998, pp. 43-53 [p. 44].

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